10 reasons why you should make Scilly your summer escape

Romantic beach stroll

If you’ve yet to decide where to chill for your precious holiday this summer, here are 10 great reasons why you should choose the Isles of Scilly for your perfect escape!

  1. Unplug and unwind
    You can relax on Scilly more than you could EVER imagine. Even at the height of summer, it’s not remotely busy on the islands compared with usual holiday destinations. Few cars, scarce queues, and absolutely no hustle and bustle. Yes, there’s Wi-Fi and 4G if you want it, but best to kick back, switch off and just let the islands’ incredible beauty and infinite charm wash over you!

  2. Hop from island to island
    Scilly is not just a holiday to Scilly – it’s a holiday to an entire archipelago. Five tiny inhabited islands and a wealth of uninhabited (and previously inhabited, now abandoned) ones to explore. You can reach them all on old colourful “tripper” boats, so why not do a different one every day and then argue the toss over which is your favourite and why!

  3. White-sand beaches to yourself
    This is no exaggeration! Even at the height of summer, you can find solitude on many a beach on Scilly to escape the world and its people. And they are truly tremendous – ranging from vast expanses of fine white sand lapped by stunning clear waters to tiny rocky inlets and coves carved from fierce winter waves. Beachcomb or boulder – or simply chill - to your heart’s content!

  4. Outstanding beauty and nature
    Scilly embraces simple pleasures. Wake up to a meditative walk at sunrise, stroll the dramatic coastal paths and amazing beaches; pause at local crafts and produce stalls, watch the seabirds swoop and dive, and the seals play in the surf, picnic on a deserted beach, and embrace our sub-tropical feel.

  5. Embrace our history
    Scratch the surface, and you’ll soon discover that Scilly is a story of an isolated island population - of tragedy, bootie and innovation - and of a proud island community. From shipwrecks to treasure and from burial chambers to deserted villages, Scilly’s history is compelling because it mingles so effortlessly with modern-day life on the islands.

  6. Fun on the water
    In every sheltered cove, there’s an opportunity to go for a wild sea-swim, or hire a kayak, SUP or boat and experience close-up Scilly’s amazing aquatic environment. Step it up a gear and coasteer off Peninnis Head or swim with seals on St. Martin’s. Or keep it simple and take a leisurely boat trip to appreciate Bishop Rock Lighthouse and the magnificent seals and seabirds.

  7. Look up to the stars
    Scilly has five Dark Sky Discovery Sites and is well known for being one of the darkest places in England (if not the darkest), thanks to our remote location and lack of light pollution. So on a clear black night, treat yourself to the planetary drama, marvel at the Milky Way and check out the universe in all its Scilly splendour.

  8. Food, glorious food!
    Nowhere can you find food more local than on the Isles of Scilly. For a population so small, and an environment so pristine, we’re spoilt for choice for island produce. For a great taste of Scilly, try some local lobster or crab, island duck or beef, with locally brewed ale, St. Agnes gin and Scilly wine as well a locally produced leaves, ice-cream, chocolate and fudge. We have it all right here, so tuck in!

  9. Great places to stay
    Even in the height of summer, during the school holidays, you can find fantastic, tucked away places to stay on the islands – particularly if you’d like to be taken care of in our hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs. Look out for some summer deals in our serviced accommodation and give yourself the ultimate break away from it all.

  10. Getting to Scilly is a breeze
    Fly to Scilly from Exeter, Newquay or Lands End or take the passenger ferry from Penzance. Whichever exit point you choose, you’ll avoid all busy (inter)national airports with their extensive airport queues, cumbersome Customs checks and expensive currency exchanges! Scilly is where you can escape from it all.