The Island Makers: Part 2

  1. This small batch distillery on St. Agnes is a generational family farm growing their own botanicals and producing just 28 bottles of gin at a time. The Hicks family started distilling plants for essential oils nearly 15 years ago, first used in soap and more recently in gin. Ingredients include anything from Rose Geranium to Wild Wingletang (not to be confused with a reference from Harry Potter 😊).
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  2. As a trained silversmith, Lucy creates designs from her surroundings: flowers, textures, colours and beauty which is so striking on Scilly. Designed by hand, using ethically sourced materials, they are based as part of a cooperative at Pheonix Studios at Porthmellon Beach. "The inspiration for the Agapanthus collection comes from the abundance of these beautiful flowers we see here in bloom every year, blanketing the islands with stunning shades of purple and mauve. Capturing this quintessentially Cornish flower in silver, the collection has been designed and crafted in our studio by the sea on St. Mary's."
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  3. Featured in James Martin's Islands to Highlands ITV programme, SC Salt is made from the sea and sun on the Isles of Scilly. They simply add seawater to their saltpans and leave the crystal-clear water of St. Martin’s Par to evaporate under lingering sunshine between April and September and for anywhere between 8 and 12 week. The salt is sealed on the family farm and available in the following flavours: chilli, garlic, salt and pepper, and smoked salt. Which will you choose?
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  4. Located in a place so tranquil, you’ll see why this is the perfect spot to start a business. The entrepreneurial spirit of Bryher is felt all over this tiny island (the smallest in the archipelago) and Veronica Farm is no different. This family-run affair uses traditional farming methods creating a delicious, buttery vanilla fudge incorporating Scillonian only ingredients: milk, butter and clotted cream.

    Our culture is inspiring because everything is quite different here. 

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