Salakee Farm Duck - St. Mary's

Salakee farm offer free range, island reared local duck meat on the Isles of Scilly. 

Salakee Farm, St. Mary's, TR21 0NZ
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Salakee Farm Duck

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Salakee Duck is the brainchild of Kylie and Dave, two Scilly Farmers with a dream…

Salakee Farm is one of the oldest recorded locations on the islands and the 35 acres that we call home have been in our family for 3 generations. We’ve always wanted to undertake a special project at Salakee and after an afternoon of brainstorming we decided we really wanted to create a unique farming enterprise. After much talk we had a lightbulb moment and the idea of Salakee Duck was born.

We raise our ducks in small batches. During the day the ducks have plenty of space to waddle and roam free. At night they flat foot it back into their cosy shed to stay safe and warm.

This is a small enterprise and we only take care of a limited number of ducks at any one time so that we can rear them in the best conditions possible, which in turn produces (in our opinion) the best quality meat possible. We aim to be as transparent and honest with our farming practices and methods as possible so if you have a question just drop us a line, or even come and have a look around the farm, just give us a ring first to make sure we're home!

Opening Times

Open all year.