Island Highlights

A paradise on the edge of England

From the minute you board the boat or plane to get here, you’ll know you’re on an adventure, heading for somewhere very, very special. The closer you get, you’ll seek glimpses on the horizon of the low-lying islands amid a turquoise sea. Some fringed by rocks, others by white sandy beaches but all bathed in a light of vibrant intensity. You have begun a journey to another world – a simpler, kinder, and more innocent place to be.

Some visitors crave the deep sense of tradition here, immersing themselves in history and myth. Others come to walk, to cycle, to sail, or to enjoy the heightened creativity of island life through painting, photography or crafts.

Many love to lose themselves in the sights and scents of the sub-tropical plants and flowers that give Scilly its distinctive landscape; and others savour the flavour of fresh seafood in beachside cafes and local ales at a traditional pub.

And everyone loves to hop from island to island by boat experiencing many natural wonders – puffins, seals, dolphins and a multitude of rare, and migrating birds.

All this, plus life’s simple pleasures; from beachcombing barefoot on deserted beaches, collecting shells and picnicking on the sand, to watching the sunset and gazing at the stars.

Above all, Scilly gives you to the space and freedom to do everything – or next to nothing. Magical, peaceful and unforgettable; Scilly will leave you longing to return.