Flowers & Plants

A wonderful haven for unusual and exotic blooms

The Isles of Scilly, warmed by the Gulf Stream, are a haven for unusual and very beautiful flowers and plants. Frost and snow rarely make an appearance, so gardeners can grow exotic species from all over the world. As you walk across the islands you’ll spot vibrant, sun-loving plants from the Canaries, South Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand – all looking wonderfully at home here in Scilly.

Fields and hedgerows blaze with colour throughout the year. Bright pink South African proteas dazzle in May, wild flowers are on parade from June onwards and there are beautiful displays of agapanthus around every corner in high summer. October brings scented narcissi, with the fields turning to gold and white before the arrival of the daffodils early in the New Year. Flower farms on St. Mary’s, St. Agnes and St. Martin’s ship their blooms back to the mainland, bringing the scent and colour of Scilly to homes all over the country, throughout the year. Scilly is also home to the rarest of species: dwarf pansy and orange birdsfoot are found nowhere else in Britain. 

While plant lovers will find plenty to admire in hedgerows and fields, for the real show-stoppers, head for Tresco Abbey Garden where you will see everything from cacti and succulents to agaves and aloes, many of which hail from the hottest corners of the globe. Even in winter, there will be hundreds of species in bloom, all flourishing in the mild, sheltered conditions.