Zoe Julian, Co-owner Scilly Flowers


“I first settled on the Isles of Scilly in 2002. I knew that by meeting and marrying Ben I would end up living on St. Martin’s – it came with the deal! He proposed to me on St. Helen’s. I’d been to Scilly several times growing up and I have lived in the south west and by the sea my whole life. I love the lifestyle; it suits me down to the ground.

“Ben and I soon started to take over Churchtown Farm and the flower business from Ben’s parents. It was a bit daunting – a newbie arriving on a small island of only 120 residents and moving into a family that had been here for a while. Everyone knew who I was whilst I was clueless as to whom the islanders were…. I simply smiled, said ‘hi’ and generally kept a low profile during my first year.

“I had children quite quickly. I was semi-jealous of my mainland friends able to take maternity leave when I was juggling work with raising children but, to be honest, I really counted my blessings not having to put my children into nursery and not having to commute anywhere to work. The flexibility has been brilliant and there are quite a few children on St. Martin’s around the same ages.

“The essence of Scilly to me? The island community is fantastic; it’s a really lovely place to live and bring up children. And the natural beauty of the islands; I love the sea – canoeing between the islands, and swimming and having the seals pop up so close. I am very grateful for the choices I have made.”