Sea Swim Challenge 2015

Saturday, September 5, 2015
Event runs Sep 5th 2015 to Sep 5th 2015

Nick Lishman - 01720 422513

Scilly sea swim challenge

The inaugural sea swim took place in 2014

Watch the spectacle as 150 swimmers swim and walk between Scilly's main islands - from St Mary's to St Martin's to Tresco, Bryher, Samson, St Agnes and back to St Mary's.  It is not a race, simply a challenge - but a tough one that is estimateed to take around 12 or 13 hours, depending on the sea conditions.

Starting at sunrise from Bar on St Mary's north side the swiimmers head first to St Martin's arriving at Higher Town Quay. They then walk the length of the island to Lower Town Quay. Here they set off for Tresco, to Old Grimsby Quay passing Tean and St Helen's.  After walking across the backbone of Tresco to New Grimsby, they head off once again for the shortest of the swims to Bryher and then on to Samson.  From Samson, comes the penultimate swim and arguably one of the toughest - through the deep channel to St Agnes.  And then the longest swim of all to wrap up the challenge - from St Agnes to Porthcressa Beach back on St. Mary's. 

You can view the swimmers from Tripper boats, or cheer them on as they reach land.  There's also a fine reception as they all return to Porthcressa at around 7pm in the evening. 

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