Miracle Theatre to perform on St. Mary's and Tresco

Posted on Jul 11th 2014
Miracle Theatre The Tempest

The Miracle Threatre are bringing The Tempest back to Scilly this summer

One of Cornwall's most celebrated outdoor theatre groups will be coming to Scilly later this month to perform their version of Shakespeare's The Tempest.  

Miracle Theatre is celebrating 20 years of coming to Scilly and, coincidentally, The Tempest was the first production they brought over to the islands. In true Miracle style, Shakespeare’s text has been respectfully shaken and stirred. Audiences can expect the unexpected when they take a trip across unchartered waters and find themselves washed up on an enchanted island. Here they will discover a magical world filled with sweet air beating with young love, ringing with old jealousies and the cries of enemies - all stirred up by a grumpy conjurer...   Western Morning News describes the show as "crisp, inventive and very, very funny".

“Shakespeare wrote plays to entertain people and to be enjoyed by a wide cross-section of the population,” says director Bill Scott. “We share those aims completely! The Tempest was his last play: concise, rich in poetry and packed with comedy every bit as funny as Father Ted or Faulty Towers.”

Talented collaborators from Miracle’s past and present are reuniting to guarantee this show will be a musical and visual treat. Jim Carey has produced an original live music score for the show and designers Alan and Jude Munden will create a magical world that can fit inside a Transit van.

A streamlined cast of six actors will be playing all the characters - irrespective of gender or species! Two new performers, Simon Norbury and Lisa Howard, join miracle regulars Ben Dyson, Cat Lake and Ciaran Clarke, with the part of Miranda being played by Hannah Stephens, who starts work with the company the day after her degree course finishes.

Miracle’s outdoor productions have become a ‘must do’ summer activity suitable for anyone and everyone. On Scilly, they will perform on Tresco on 24th July on the lawn of the Sea Garden Cottages and on St. Mary's 25th - 27th July in the Chaplaincy Garden, next to the Parish Church.

“The joy of open-air performance is that every night is different and it really is an etiquette-free zone: you can sit where you want, eat what you want, wear whatever you like,” says Bill. “Plus, each setting is transformed as night falls; the actors can never be sure what to expect and must be ready to respond to a dramatic moonrise, a sudden shower or a wild animal trying to get in on the act. For players and audience this is a genuinely unique and shared experience.” 

For further information and to book tickets, contact the Tourism Information Centre on 01720 424036 for St. Mary's and call 01720 424108 for Tresco tickets.  Tickets are £15 for adults, £10 for U16s.

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