Take a guided trip to discover a bit more

Throughout the season, every day of the week, there are a whole host of guided tours on Scilly from which to choose, both on and around the islands. From island walks and archaeological explorations to wildlife and marine excursions, and sunset trips, you’ll be able to delve into Scilly’s past and learn more about our natural habitat and wildlife, our culture and our lifestyle.

Walking - You can take a guided walk with one of Scilly's resident ornithologists or naturalists and see the many unusual birds that visit these islands as well as enjoy the splendid flora and fauna. Resident archaeologist Katharine Sawyer also leads walks to discover the history of the islands. The tours are very regular and take place on all the islands, so depending on where you are staying, you may need to take a boat. If you intend to take a tour to an unihabited islands, then a boat trip will be essential!

By boat - The uninhabited islands, with their raw, rugged edges, unique flora and fauna, and fantastic wildlife are best experienced in one of two ways: via a guided tour or a scenic boat trip. Trips and tours are readily advertised to the Eastern Isles (great for seal spotting), Norrard Rocks, and Annet for the birdlife and where in May, June and July you will spot colonies of puffins. On the island of Samson, you’ll most likely have to wade to shore, Robinson Crusoe style, but its spectacular beaches and recent history (it was inhabited by farmers and fishermen until the mid-1800s and haunting remains of granite houses, barns and boatsheds remain to this day) will astound you. Tean and St Helen’s too, offer fascinating insights to yesteryear’s Christian communities.

By bus or taxi - Island Rover bus tours run twice daily (excluding Sundays) throughout the season from Holgate's Green and a number of taxi companies also offer tours. There is no better way to tour around St. Mary's and learn about its rich history and heritage.

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Island Wildlife Tours

St. Mary's

Discover the natural beauty of the Isles of Scilly with Will Wagstaff, resident ornithologist and naturalist.  Watch the passage of migrant birds; learn about the interesting local history and beautiful flora and fauna as you take a relaxed walk along the Islands' coasts and trails. Will visits each of the inhabited islands weekly, weather and tides permitting.



St. Mary's

We are a specialist tour operator, concentrating solely on conducted tours of the Island.

Why not enjoy a leisurely ride around St Mary's with an intelligent and highly motivated driver/guide???

Each tour consists of a light hearted but informative commentary, with stops at selected viewpoints for photos. 


Toots Taxi Tours

Toots Taxi

St. Mary's

We are a friendly and reliable taxi service based on St. Mary’s, working seven days a week, including evenings and weekends.  We have two vehicles available for hire, one carrying four passengers and one carrying six passengers.  The larger vehicle has two integrated baby/booster seats so children can be transported safely and comfortably.  We are available for a quick taxi trip to get you from A to B, as well as more leisurely tours of

Samson chamber

Scilly Walks

St. Mary's

Scilly Walks is run by Dr Katharine Sawyer and offers guided walks, boat trips and slide shows to introduce you to 8000 years of archaeology and history in the Isles of Scilly. There are full day and half day visits to all the inhabited and several of the uninhabited islands.