To St. Martin's

Onward connections from St. Mary's to St. Martin's

If you’re heading to St. Martin’s for your holiday, on arrival in St. Mary’s you will need to make your way to St. Mary’s Quay (if you fly).

From the airport, shuttle buses meet each and every flight. The drivers hover in the Arrivals Hall and are very happy to help. They will take you down to the Quay (only 5 minutes’ drive) and ensure that you embark onto the correct boat. You will travel by Tresco Boating Services on the Voyager or one of their jet boats.

If you arrive via the Scillonian III, you will already be on St. Mary’s Quay, so you can transfer directly onto the connecting boat to St. Martin’s. So long as your luggage carries the red label (these are handed out at Penzance Quay) your luggage will be transferred from the Scillonian directly onto the correct boat, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Once on St. Martin’s, you will be met by your accommodation provider and taken to where you are staying. 


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