Prepco Island Vacations and Tours LLC - UK Mainland

A US based travel company servicing the US and Canada for vacation packages to the Isles of Scilly, England.

Our one-price complete package includes return flights for all domestic and international travel needs plus internal travel in England and accommodation.

Options include travelling via Dublin or London.

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For our US and Canadian friends please visit and enjoy a ride through the Isles of Scilly! My name is Barry Devo the founder of Prepco Island Vacations and Tours LLC. Since the 1980's I have travelled the world for both business and pleasure. I have visited the Isles of Scilly on two occasions. It was so good the first time I just had to go back for a longer stay to see the Islands and take further advantage of the tranquility and hospitality offered by the people I met, plus I needed more of the clear waters and white sandy beaches that can be found around the islands.




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9.00am - 5.00pm US Eastern Time.

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