Why Scilly is special for special occasions

Scilly Wedding on Bryher - Tom and Jo - 2018

If you’ve reason to celebrate a special occasion or to scoop up your loved one for a romantic holiday close to home, then look no further. Here are our top five reasons why Scilly is the best place to come.

  1. Exquisite beaches
    Swathes of fine white sand lapped by crystal clear waters. Hop on a boat, or go for a walk to find your own deserted one and enjoy it all to yourselves whilst admiring the striking beauty that surrounds you. The perfect island escape, just 28 miles from Cornwall!

  2. Starry, starry skies
    On a clear night on Scilly, you can gaze up to the sky and literally see thousands of bright stars and the planets in our solar system. Thanks to the small number of settlements, we have some of the darkest skies in the UK and several locations designated as Dark Sky Discovery Sites. Come and lap up the magical Milky Way.

  3. A sense of wellbeing
    People come to Scilly in search of peace and tranquillity, to unwind, to find themselves. There are yoga breaks, walking holidays, creative breaks and wellbeing weekends offered across the islands – all with the most amazing scenic backdrop. So book in and revitalise! 

  4. Romantic boltholes
    If getting away for an uninterrupted break “a deux” is your wish, then Scilly is the perfect place to go off-grid. Some accommodation proudly makes a point of no WiFi and any latest technologies making it easy to really kick back and enjoy precious, uninterrupted time with your loved one.  And if you're planning to get married, then Scilly has everything you need right here - from beautiful flowers and fabulous venues to bridal hair and makeup artists and ring makers.

  5. Multi-generational get-togethers
    Scilly is the perfect place to celebrate landmark birthdays and great family get-togethers. Safe, free and where the children can run free, the islands enable families of all generations to relish relaxed, quality time. Island hop on the boats, take a wildlife sea safari together to spot seals and seabirds, or beachcomb for shipwrecked treasures.

Planning your special occasion, including a wedding, civil ceremony, or a surprise holiday of a lifetime, it’s so easy on Scilly. Nearly everyone knows each other on the islands and there’s a strong sense of community.  Which means that nothing is too much trouble and everyone will pull out the stops to “make it happen”. If you’re looking for advice on how to get started, contact our Tourist Information Centre and our team will be very happy to help. Mum’s the word!