Ellie Tabron, Island Images

  1. Tresco - The Island Folk
    Meet some of Tresco’s colourful characters – Abbey gardeners and bee keepers, gallery owners, stylists and chefs – and discover their love of life on Scilly
  2. Tresco Abbey Garden
    Many people will know of the Isles of Scilly because of the world famous sub-tropical Tresco Abbey Garden. Described as a perennial Kew without the glass, it shrugs off salt spray and Atlantic gales to host myriad exotic plants, many of which would stand no chance of survival even on the Cornish mainland less than 30 miles away. Even at the winter solstice, there are more than 300 plants in flower. All in all, the tropical garden is home to more than 20,000 species of plants from 80 countries.

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