Isles of Scilly Blog

  1. Your Unrivalled View to the Stars
    In the midst of a bright Scilly Summer, what do us island-based astronomers long for? Dark skies! Discover why astronomers and islanders alike can't wait for autumn.
  2. Seaweed art with Molesworth & Bird
    Meet Julia and Melanie of Molesworth & Bird, passionate seaweed collectors and creators who love being by the sea.
  3. A Birdlife Haven
    Birdwatching on the Isles of Scilly: Lucy McRobert of the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, shares her insights and expert knowledge in why these islands are a birdwatchers paradise.
  4. Follow in the footsteps of Julia Bradbury
    If you missed Julia Bradbury on ITV's Walking Cornwall series on Scilly, don't worry! We'll retrace her footsteps, from the largest island of St. Mary's, to St. Martin's and Tresco.

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