Isles of Scilly inspired Father's Day Gifts

  1. SCDogs Distillery St Martins Isles of Scilly
    SC Dogs provides the authentic rum experience and the first rum distillery on the Isles of Scilly. Distilled from centuries of island life, they use pure Scillonian water and local ingredients grown on the family farm, worked on for over 330 years.
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  2. Chilli spice and cake
    The Scilly Chilli logo is iconic for Bryher and now available on t-shirts. Scilly Chilli started making homemade chilli jams, their “sell-out” product, but quickly moved onto fudge (working with Veronica Fudge Farm), chocolate and hot chilli sauces. Perfect for those with tolerant taste buds!
  3. Instead of continuing the classic sock purchase for this special occasion, how about a Scilly infused tee, hoody, hat or smock? Scilly Billy offers all of these and more including Bee Scilly and the St. Martin’s Daymark as their latest designs. There’s something for every man here.
    1. Daymark 1683 is a rum totally inspired by the isles, infused with hand-picked samphire from Scilly and Cornish sea salt. Wherever you live, a taste of Scilly is within reach.
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    2. Not a lot lasts a lifetime but we reckon, with a bit of attention, gifts from Ratbags are 'forever'. Made from offcuts from the Sail Loft, these sturdy canvas bags, jackets and boating accessories are the perfect accessory!
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    3. Emma Eberlein Potbuoys
      It is one of Scilly’s most endearing features…. Pop-up stalls and honesty boxes dotted across all the islands

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