St. Martin's - The Island Folk

  1. Charlie Payne, COSMOS
    Scilly is a remarkable place for stargazing, very little light pollution makes it an astronomical dream. Here we discover the journey of COSMOS (Community Observatory St Martin’s on Scilly), its remarkable beginnings which involved a few drinks, whilst reaching for the stars.
  2. Fay Page, Jewellery Designer
    It all started twelve years ago with a silver shell range and we’ve grown each year and now have several ranges including fish, flowers, seeds and Scilly cowbells. We do lots of commission work from wedding and engagement rings to personalised pieces.
  3. The Island Folk
    You can’t live on the Isles of Scilly and not love the’s where Phoenix and Providence began, the business was designed during these inspiring, soul-enriching sea dips.
  4. Zoe Julian, Scilly Flowers
    I first settled on the Isles of Scilly in 2002. I knew that by meeting and marrying Ben I would end up living on St. Martin’s – it came with the deal! He proposed to me on St. Helen’s. I’d been to Scilly several times growing up and I have lived in the south west and by the sea my whole life. I love the lifestyle; it suits me down to the ground.
  5. Anna Browne, St. Martin's Watersports
    I eat, live and breathe St. Martin’s. I love the island and its connection with nature. Everything we do is ruled by the weather and tides – you can’t change it, and nor would I.
  6. Barney McLachlan, The Island Bakery
    You cannot beat the freedom of island living, on the land nor on the water. After many holidays with my grandparents and parents, I came to St. Martin’s as a young seasonal worker and decided never to leave. 18 years on, I have a wife, two children and a business and find these islands as magical as ever.
  7. Andrew Walder, SC Dogs Distillery & SC Salt
    Like all teenagers, I left the islands at 16 to continue my education. But after several expeditions far and wide, I was determined to return to St. Martin’s and help run the family farm. Diversification was the crux to making it work. Inspiration arrived in the form of Scilly’s fantastic natural environment – our crystal clear sea water, the purest of sea air and warm sunshine - all the raw materials required, and a book I found on the internet by Willian Brownrigg, written in 1748, entitled “The art of making common salt - as now practised in most parts of the world”. Experiments ensued in 2009 followed soon after with our first batch of SC salt. It’s produced and packaged authentically, by hand. Sea water is pumped from the sea, it’s course filtered and then solar evaporated in open salt pans in polytunnels right by the shore. Our island location and traditional methods make it special.

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