Artists & Galleries on St. Mary's

  1. Porthloo Studios / Workshops are a group of friendly artists and craftspeople based in a converted barn on the coastal footpath 10 minutes walk from the outskirts of Hugh Town - signposted from Porthmellon.
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  2. Located within their home at Porthloo, Glandore Gallery is a small, friendly, beachside gallery run by local artist, Stephen Morris, and his wife, Lois. Stephen paints exclusively ‘en plein air’ in watercolour and, more recently, inks, with a colourful and distinctive signature style. His cards and giclee prints are also available along with those of his late aunt, Nan Heath.
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  3. A co-operative of craftspeople in individual studios. fused glass, fabrics, printmaking, ceramics, jewellery etc
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  4. In Silver Street, is Steve Sherris’ little studio and gallery. A landscape artist of a distinctive style, Steve uses oil and acrylic on canvas to interpret scenes with bold and vivid colours, paying particular attention to Scilly’s fantastic light
    1. 1 Jan 201931 Dec 2019
  5. Tamarisk is a new gallery in the centre of Hugh Town showcasing artwork by local painters and craftspeople as well as arts and crafts from further afield. Artists include Imogen Bone, C N Smith, Sue Lewington and Oriel Hicks. Locally produced jewellery, cards and gifts are also available. Several of the craftspeople exhibiting work are based locally at Phoenix Craft Studios, Porthmellon Business Park.
    1. 1 Jan 201931 Dec 2019